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Throw lively live video sessions where your fans can chat, seek tips, or just vibe with you. Picture talking style crazes, swapping makeup hacks, or sharing life’s tales.

Models & Artists

Show off your skills up close. Offer private art lessons, music gigs, or personalized modeling pro tips and get paid for it, whatever you ask, no cap!

Content Creators

Run live Q&A’s or give behind-the-scenes peeks into your creative journey. Engage with your crowd in real-time, dish out answers and grant exclusive peek into your world.

Coaches & Gurus

Connect one-on-one with clients. Provide tailored coaching sessions, career pointers, fitness fun, or even language lowdowns.

Business Leaders

Host virtual workshops, rock keynote speeches, or give business strategy sit-downs. Share your smarts with aspiring business dynamos.

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