Cookie Policy

Before browsing and the subpages of (“the Website”), be aware that we utilize cookies to save data on your device. This document outlines our cookie practices, which may be updated occasionally without prior notice. For the most recent and comprehensive details on our cookie usage, regularly check this policy. By accessing this Website, you consent to our use of cookies as described here. If you’re opposed to our cookie practices, please either turn off cookies or avoid using our website.

1. Understanding Cookies

A cookie is a small data file that websites place on your computer’s browser. This allows the site to identify you on subsequent visits and store specific details about you, such as visited pages, menu selections, entered data, and the date and time of your visit.

2. Cookie Varieties

Cookies mainly fall into two categories:

• Session Cookies: These are temporary and vanish once you close your browser. They help the site track your activities during a single session, like remembering items in a shopping cart.

• Persistent Cookies: Unlike session cookies, these remain on your device between sessions until they expire or are deleted. They help sites remember you and your preferences upon return.

Besides these, other cookies might be set by the site you’re visiting, like our website, to provide data to us or third parties.

3. How We Utilize Cookies

Privacy PolicyWe employ various cookies on our website, including:

• Essential Cookies: Vital for our Website’s functionality, like logging into secure sections, using a shopping cart, or e-billing.

• Performance Cookies: These help us understand visitor patterns, such as how users navigate our site, aiding us in enhancing user experience.

• User Preference Cookies: These remember you upon return, allowing us to customize content, greet you, and recall your settings.

• Advertising Cookies: These track your website activities, like visited pages and clicked links, helping us tailor ads to your interests. This data might be shared with third parties.

• Some cookies aim to enhance your web experience. For instance, certain cookies determine if your browser has specific capabilities, ensuring faster page loads. We also use third-party cookies, like Google Analytics, that might be performance or advertising cookies. For details on third-party cookies, consult their respective sites. You can also block these cookies via your browser. Some cookies might store personal details, like your name or email. We prioritize your privacy and handle all personal data in line with our Privacy Policy.

4. Opting Out of Cookies

By default, most browsers accept cookies. However, you can modify settings to decline them or get notifications when a site wants to place a cookie. Resources like your browser’s “Help” section or can guide you. Disabling cookies might limit the Website’s functionality or prevent access altogether.