FAQ ain’t a platform, we’re more of a slick service helping influencers get paid while they’re on a call. And guess what? The chat starts only when the payment’s locked in!

Yes Fam, totally secure! Your calls are strictly between you and the caller. No snooping, no recording on our end. End-to-end encryption, it’s a one-on-one live video vibe.

Yea, we’re all about customization. We’ll link up with you to dial in your perfect price and talk time. If 10 minutes ain’t cutting it or $100 feels like small fries, no stress. You’re in control, no limits!

Getting your paper is smooth. We’ll shoot you an invoice every month and drop those funds right into your account.

For the first 3 months, you’re stacking a full 100% of the call cash as a big thank you from us. After that, it’s 70% of whatever you set. Remember, if you wanna change up ya price, it’s always a couple clicks away, easy.

Calling all influencers, coaches, artists, models, business moguls—you name it. If your time and know-how are golden, this is your stage. We get it, connecting with fans should be smooth, no sign-ups, just quick payments and access via the smartphone.

Nice thinkin’, we got you covered. We’ll hook you up with a landing page that’s all you, complete with a slick link like Share that link directly with fans or drop it in your bio, links, or socials. Set to get Hustlin.

No doubt! plays nice with all the social rules. Feel free to drop your link on your Insta stories, Twitter feed or wherever you vibe. Check out our Instagram @callzmeservice too! :))

Allright… With a couple taps through, fans can pay to get access to hit your ‘call’ button – which links them to a live video call with you, You just gotta be online your end.

It’s a breeze:
Define: Show off your skills, give advice, share your vibes.
Submit: Fill out a quick form with your fan interaction idea get started with page.
Connect: Once we’ve set up your profile, slap that unique link on your fans.
Enjoy: Dive into some epic convos, inspire, entertain, and stack that paper while you’re at it.

We’re all about real connections, sharing your hustle, and making that green. Whether you’re dropping knowledge, flaunting skills, or just chatting with fans, lets you stack cash while keeping it real.